Custom Framing

We offer custom framing of your original pastel portrait or any art, prints, photographs or documents. All of the framing materials that we use are of conservation quality to ensure the long life of your piece of art. Using 1, 2 or 3 mats we will select mats to enhance the colours in your piece of art, and a frame to compliment the portrait! There is a wide selection of mats and frames to choose from. We suggest you frame your portrait to complement its colours, and not to the room where you will hang it, as your décor or the location may change. We can select the colours for you and email an image of the choices for your approval. We will either arrange a time for pick up, or we can deliver your finished work to you if that is more convenient. (Shipping costs of framed work is costly, and there is the risk of damage.)

Please note that the original pastel has not been sprayed with a fixative.

If you decide to take your art to your local framer, do not let them spray it. It will alter the colour and alter the soft look of the pastel. Once your pastel portrait has been framed using at least 1 mat, to keep the pastel surface off of the glass, the pastel surface will remain in its original condition for many years.

Please contact us with your framing requirements!
We will be pleased to give you a quote!